I am back in Peru!!

My main goal for the next three weeks is to get everything in order and ready for Christmas for the orphans! Last year was our first year hosting Christmas for an orphanage/daycare in Pachacutec. It was a great time and the kids were blessed. This year, it’s going to be even bigger and better, Lord willing!

Lots of people are collecting and have collected items for the kids, and a small group of young people are coming to help facilitate all the activities for the kids from December 27-January 3!

You can now donate, just click here!

All donations are tax-deductible!


You can still send physical donations through November 27.

Here’s what your donations will go to:  

  • Additional bathing facilities for the daycare kids and orphans
  • New tables in Pachacutec
  • New shoes for each child
  • Dental hygiene products for each child
  • A new pair of clothes for each child
  • Gift baskets for families of daycare kids including a Bible and supplies for Christmas dinner
  • New shoes for homeless street children
  • Christmas meals for all children
  • Transportation of physical donations from U.S. to Lima.
  • Lice shampoo and towels

We’ll be serving:

  • About 60 kids in Pachacutec. This is the orphanage/daycare. The kids who attend the daycare live in a poverty stricken area. They do not typically have water in their homes so they bathe twice a week at the orphanage. With expansion, we’ll help these kids stay clean throughout the week!
  • 34 in Callao: I spent most of my time with these kids last spring. They are awesome (though a little crazy). The more we can get good, Godly influence in their lives, the brighter their future will be. The Word of God and the love of God protects their future and we want to make sure they are inundated with it!
  • 30 on the street: this is new and I’m typing this by faith. There is a local pastor who works with these homeless children. They have been burned in the past by false promises from Christians. We want to make sure they know they are loved. A good Christmas celebration will allow for ministry throughout the Spring to this group that’s been on my heart for a whole year. I BEG you to assist them!

For a little more information on the orphanages, visit the Christmas in Peru page.

Please share this page!

Email it, tweet it, and post it to Facebook ! We’re aiming to raise about $3000 to accomplish every part of Christmas in Peru.







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