What’s happening in Peru?

Community Work: Jicamarca and Pachacutec

Jicamarca is a community outside of Lima. Most of the people who live there are from the mountains or jungles of Peru. They have come closer to Lima to find work. I am partnering with a local church to bring hope to this awesome community. We have spent the last few months visiting, building relationships, hosting kids programs, etc. Looking forward to what God will do here!

Pachacutec: I have partnered with El Refugio in Pachacutec. This is another impoverished community that El Refugio serves by way of a soup kitchen. Seven kids live in the home but they serve lots of children and elderly in the community.  I go each Friday to Pachacutec and help with the soup kitchen and kids, as well as visiting homes in the community. We’ve been able to do a lot of home visits with teams that have come in.

Rebano de Jesus:  This is the name of the home in Callao where I get to serve 30 kids. I spend lots of time in the home, helping with everything from repairs and painting to homework and Bible lessons. These kids are so precious and need tons of love.

 English Conversaton Courses: I have the privilege of volunteering at San Marcos University in Lima. I have two groups that meet twice a week on the campus. We work on English but also get to talk a lot about God and what He’s all about.

Central Lima: COMING SOON! I recently got to work with a pastor in Central Lima, along with a team from the states. We were able to enter a state school and spend some time with the kids. What we found was lots and lots of need. Most of these kids are from poorer families. The story we heard over and over was that they feel super lonely because their parents have to work literally ALL day until late at night. So when they leave school, they are on their own. In September, we’ll be starting a once a week after school program to give these kids something to do besides be in the street. We’ll play soccer, games, and teach them about the love of God. I’m excited to have a team of Peruvian volunteers help with this new work!

Volunteer Teams: I love hosting teams from churches and organizations from the states (or wherever) with service projects and evangelism.

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