I had a moment to test who I was going to be yesterday.

I am in Peru and praying consistently that God would use me. I am so cautious of creating some sort of hoopla about a cool life in Peru without real results. I want real results and to meet people who need God desperately.

Yesterday, I was returning to my sister’s house after church and passed one of the busy bus stations in a “developing” part of town. There are normally one or two homeless people begging there, but this day there was a homeless woman lying there completely naked.

Immediately all sorts of things began to race through my mind. I kind of wanted to cry for her. I wondered if I should jump off the bus to offer help, but what help? I wondered if I should act like I didn’t’ see it. I decided in those next few moments that I couldn’t disregard it. I thought of the verse where Jesus says that when we clothe the naked, we clothe Him (Keith translation).

So, I raced into the house and collected a blanket, a towel, some clothes from my very-willing-to-give sister. I packed a little bag for our naked lady and put in some apples and headed back to the bus. I was actually really, really nervous. If she was naked, she was probably also somewhat out of her mind. I might get yelled at. I might get judged by other people around her. I wondered if I should talk to her or just leave the bag and run. I decided a few sentences I would say about God to her then leave.

Well, this is a little awkward…I didn’t find her.

I walked all around- the spot I saw her, across the street, over a bridge, under a bridge, in the bushes…she was nowhere to be found. I thought, “Well, I’ll find another homeless person.”

Nope. Not today. There were none.

So, I walked away feeling a little crazy, a little disappointed, a little relieved…but with my spirit lasered into the way I want to act and operate.

I feel like my eyes are being opened quite a bit the last few days. I got to speak at my good friend David’s youth group Saturday evening. It was a good time, and God ministered to several. We gave them some time to ask questions after. They are so eager to serve God, but it is truly difficult to do that in this world where there is so much pressure to not judge and to “accept.” We do accept people who don’t believe in Christ! Always! But those inside the church have chosen a narrow road. It’s a difficult one and it takes a lot of focus and submission to God to continue on it!

On my way home from spending time with those youth, I decided to take a bus even though it was late. I was sitting and enjoying the ride when all the sudden…Darth Vader got on the bus. Heavy breaths and all.

That was a little strange but nothing compared to when the bus stopped and all of us passengers began to yell at someone on the street. You see, a woman was being dragged down the road, holding on to her purse. A man was robbing her but she was putting up a great fight. As we all began to yell he ran off, without the purse.

There is so much need for God here….in many places around the world. Actually, all around us everywhere we go, there is a need to be restored to God. Keep those eyes open and mouths ready to speak the Hope that is in Jesus! Please pray that my ears are also open and that I too am ready to act as ministry comes!

You can be praying for Christmas for the Orphans which is coming so soon (Click here to LIKE the page on Facebook if you haven’t yet!). Also, I am so eager to get to the jungle and am planning my first ministry trip there in late January-early February.

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