Now’s the time to get your group locked in!

I love having groups here. They provide a lot of excitement and a lot of extra hands to serve in these communities.

If you are interested in bringing a group or coming yourself, fill out this interest form (replace my name and email with yours!)

Peru is a place with a unique receptivity to the Gospel! People are so willing to talk to anyone who approaches them for conversation. They are hungry for God. As I have gone on missions to Peru for over 10 years, literally thousands have surrender their hearts to Jesus and hundreds have been healed of illnesses.

The harvest is ripe. The harvest is waiting. We literally just need more hands and voices. The more people that come, the more people who will hear the Gospel and undoubtedly respond in some way, whether surrendering their lives or being encouraged a little bit further into the Kingdom of God.

Will you sacrifice just a little bit of time, a little bit of work fundraising to see a nation changed?

We’ll be doing everything from holding community outreach events to playing with orphans and loving those who have been forgotten.  All the details are in the link below.  I encourage you to go ahead and step out in faith and COME TO PERU!


If you are ready to sign up for your journey to Peru…



If the link to details won’t open for you, here they are!

The Need

You’re group is invited to Peru to make a difference.

Lima, Peru is the 16th biggest city in the world. The last census in 2007 placed around 8,000,000 people in Lima, Peru. Some say the city’s population is now up to 10,000,000! The people of Peru are like no other peoples in the world. From your first encounters with them, you’ll notice right away there’s something different. They are warm, inviting, and giving. You won’t miss that even though Peru’s economy is on the rise, there’s still a lot of physical need.

You’ll also notice quickly an extreme openness to the Gospel. Peru’s main religion is Catholicism. Most Peruvians know the Name of Jesus, multitudes however, are waiting to truly know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Lima is made up of 43 huge districts. You can easily catch a bus to the other side of the city and be on that bus for 2 hours! This summer, you will partner with us in adopting two or three of these districts. We’ll come alongside local pastors and missionaries to communicate the Gospel in a way that is relevant, powerful, and lasting.

Peru’s sweet people, rich culture, and delicious food will pull you in quickly! The work that God will do in their hearts and in yours is sure to leave Lima and your group changed for…forever.


We’re going to get creative this summer and do some things that Peruvians have never seen a group of North Americans do.

BLOCK PARTY: We’ll spend a couple days creating a buzz in a certain district about an event we’ll be hosting. From the outside it will look like a great way to have some free fun. However, when we begin to interact and meet people, we’ll share a message that will completely and thoroughly change hundreds of lives. We’ll be able to bring hope to the hopeless! Imagine meeting people who have no idea what to do next…where to find even a sliver of hope. They think maybe this event will take their mind off of things when in all actuality, it will completely change everything.

Before the party: We’ll flood local buses and parks with invitations to the party.

At the party: We’ll have free food, face-painting, balloon animals, an evangelical drama and we’ll preach the Gospel! It’s so important that disciples are made, so we’ll invite them to join us for a Bible study the following Sunday.

Follow up: Two days after the party, we’ll hold a second much quieter event. This is opportunity for local believers to have lasting connections created in their own community. We’ll host a Bible study along with some basic English lessons. This is a great opportunity to share your testimony of what God has done for you, you may just lead someone to surrender their life to Christ.

STREET EVANGELISM: You got skills? Here’s the place to share them! If you can sing, dance, play guitar…this is your chance to shine and point people to Jesus. We’ll spend a few minutes drawing a crowd with your team’s talent, then we’ll present the Gospel through a quick drama and finally preach the Word and offer prayer. Warning: Peru is known as the land of miracles. Be bold and pray for healing, you will see God move in mighty ways!


We’re busy working on some other opportunities that will allow your group to visit with orphans and teach kids about Jesus. There are also some connections to prison ministry and a soup kitchen. We have not locked in these details but as soon as we do, we will let you know if they are a go or a no. J


This is included in the three week June trip!  This is a 4-5 day ministry trip to a mountain or jungle village. Ministry will be personal and service evangelism. Exact costs depend on location available through ministry partners.

Culture Day

There will be one day on the trip designated for souvenir shopping and sightseeing.  We’ll visit Larcomar, a mall on the cliffs overlooking the ocean.  Then we’ll head into town to the local Inca Market to pick up traditional souvenirs.

Optional: For about $30 you can take surf lessons!

We’ll also spend an evening at one of Lima’s main attraction, Parque de las Aguas.

Optional Excursions

Peru has such a rich culture and we encourage you to take a few extra days to discover it! After making an enormous impact in Lima, take some time to explore Peru. Here are a few options.

Note: We need at least 5 people to stay for extended excursion to put it together.

Ica-Paracas: 2 days, $120    Travel by bus up the coast of Peru to the Paracas Islands. Here you’ll take a boat tour of the islands and see penguins, sea lions, and blue-footed boobies. After your tour, enjoy some local seafood at a beach restaurant.  You’ll stay overnight in Paracas and journey a couple hours the next day to Ica. This is sure to be a memorable experience as you traverse over the sand dunes at high speeds in dune buggies! Oh yeah, you’ll also be sandboarding down a huge dune!  You’ll travel back to Lima that night. You’ll be tired but left with memories you will never, ever forget!

Iquitos: 3 days, $275     Iquitos is in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. You’ll fly from Lima to Iquitos and spend a few days exploring! Visit an animal refuge and hold a sloth. Head to a typical tribal village and learn about their way of life. FACT: There are still uncontacted tribes in Peru! People have heard stories of them, some have even taken pictures but no one has been able to bring in the Gospel. This trip will give you vision and understanding of the native way of life in the Peruvian jungle. Maybe the Lord will place it on your heart to return long term to reach even more remote villages in the region!

Cuzco & Macchu Picchu: 4 days, $550      Cuzco is a cozy city with an ancient heritage! High in the Andes mountains you’ll be met with a flood of culture as you fly into Cuzco. Enjoy a day of sightseeing and souvenir shopping then hop on a bus, train and another bus to visit on of the seven manmade wonders of the world. You’ll witness breathtaking views and the question, “How in the world did they do this?” is sure to cross your mind. Enjoy a quiet moment with God on top of the world as you bring your Bible and journal along for the ride.

Trip requirements

  1. All participants must fill out trip registration form.
  2. Participants must be 18+ years of age OR travelling with a group having adult supervision. We cannot accept minors without adult supervision at this time.
  3. Flight deposit (direct cost of plane ticket) must be raised and paid to airline/agency by February 15, 2014 for spring trips and March 30, 2014 for summer trips.
  4. Trip funds must be 100% raised by trip start date.
  5. This is an evangelical trip. It’s important that every participant is willing to share their faith both vocally and through service.
  6. Participants must adhere to trip safety and moral guidelines (provided before trip begins).
  7. Persons who have or whom have had asthma must have doctor’s release to serve on trip.
  8. Participants must be in good physical condition and able to walk up to 2 miles at a time.

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