My sister in law is from the Ukraine. While I was visiting my brother and his family, they had a missionary couple stop by and visit. These missionaries were the ones who lead my sister in law’s family to the Lord back in Ukraine.

It was so cool to hear their stories. One of them really stuck out to me. Don, the missionary, told us how back then in Ukraine, they could go anywhere and preach the Gospel.They would often go into schools. At one particular school, they finished an assembly with many giving their hearts to God, and a teacher came to talk to him afterward. The teacher said, “I must talk to you.” Don was being rushed off to meet with the principal so he gave the man his address. The team came by and said as we was standing in the back he heard a voice say, “That man will tell you who God is.”

The teacher let Don know he was a veteran of the first war in Afghanistan. While he was there, he once found himself pinned down behind enemy fire. He was crouched under a rock with bullets coming towards him from every direction. He said, “Everyone knows in that situation (no matter what you believe) to call to God.”

He knew that God had rescued him from that situation but had never heard anything more about him. Don explained to him the Gospel and the man surrendered his heart to Christ.

It is so cool to be reminded that God is a pursuing God. He wants people to come to Him! As Don shared you could tell He was such a rich man. Not rich with money but had a life well lived. They talked about how hard they worked in Ukraine. It was such a unique thing to see the results of his work as I held my new nephew, who may not have been born to parents who loved God if not for Don and his wife’s obedience.

Sometimes when we give, it’s so easy to wonder if it’s worth it.I say we keep giving of our lives because...it IS worth it.

I hope that story encourages you as much as it did me.

Being with friends and family has been so refreshing! God is pulling pieces together for the next season as I meet with people and am being led into great connections. Thank you for your prayer and support as I am ramping up to head back to Peru to prepare for Christmas for the Orphans!

I have a few more weeks of jumping around from state to state visiting and giving updates on what God is doing then it’s back to Peru for the month of November to get everything situated for the orphans!

If you haven’t yet, please click to visit my Christmas for Orphans page and LIKE it!

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