I can’t believe it; it’s been a full year since I packed up and left the United States to live overseas! Just a quick update and a loco story today!



  • Christmas for Orphans! I’ve just loaded some new information. This year, Christmas for the orphans will be bigger and better. The new improvements will bless the kids all year round! Read about it here! We need donations AND people to come help facilitate just after Christmas for a week. Sign up here!


  • The Lord has provided so faithfully this year. Would you pray about partnering with me? I am specifically praying for monthly partners but also need some people who can give just a bit now. I am headed to Thailand in just a few weeks then it’s back to Peru to get to those orphans!
    • You can either click here to donate OR
    • For a tax-deductible donation, mail a Check to West End Baptist Church. PO Box 472 Manchester, GA 31816. NOTE: Make the check payable to West End Baptist and designate “Missions-Keith Smith” on the memo line. Please shoot me a message if you choose this route so that I can know what’s coming. 🙂
    • THANK YOU for all of your help as I follow God’s call.


  • One story from Zimbabwe: I had so many moments on this trip that were…crazy.  One day we were picking up some translators and  were stopped on the side of the road for no more than three minutes when all the sudden a tow truck pulls in front of us with 6-7 men coming to our vehicle. They quickly put a spiked boot on the tire so that we couldn’t move. They said we couldn’t park there. So I got out of the car and negotiated with them to take it off. They reluctantly did and expected some bribe money. None was given. I got back in the car, ready to go and ….BANG! Someone had hit us from behind. I got out to find a man was pushing a cart loaded with tomatoes and fruit and didn’t see our car. He rammed into the back of us and tomatoes were spread all over the street! #onlyinafrica   We had so many of these moments, but despite all these laughable moments, God moved mightily! Several found him for the first time and many were encouraged and strengthened.  


I am so in awe of all that God has done this year. It doesn’t really matter where you are…God is active and moving. Watch for Him!

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