I spent most of yesterday wrestling with myself. I have had a bit of worry consuming my thoughts. I tell it to go away but it’s strong. I don’t understand why I would worry about anything. The word says not to (Matthew 6 and Philippians 4:4-7). We serve a good God. That goodness can’t change. El no cambiará

I kept seeing this picture yesterday. There was Jesus on the water. It was a dark night, the water was dark, and the waves were pretty large. He was there and I was out on the water with him, but began to sink. I tried all day to convince myself not to sink. I did whatever I could to stir my faith. God has always provided and He will again. He will every time.

I wonder why does God need to prove Himself over and over again? Who else do we put on the testing block like this? Does Grandma have to prove her love time and again? Nope. Does your sister or your dad have to prove it over and over? Why then does the Lover of our souls have to show over and over that He loves us?

I think there is a doubt inside of us, inside of me. I’ve spent so much time on the water, I don’t want to begin to sink now. Don’t I know that I can trust him fully? I will never be put to shame (Isaiah 45:17, Romans 9:33). The Word says He opens His hands and satisfies every living thing at the proper time (Psalm 145).

He is in charge of seasons and He’s not slow, He’s not late (Psalm 90:4, 2 Peter 3:8)

We love you, and we trust you, Jesus. The Israelites spent a lot of extra years in the desert because they longed to be back in “safety.” Safety meant being beaten, slave labor. But at least they knew the routine.

We judge them because they could see mighty acts of God right in front of their eyes like the parting of a sea. How much more would they judge us because we have a mighty God inside of us. The Holy Spirit lives amongst us and in us to guide, counsel, teach (Isaiah 30, other verse). The Word says that the prophets longed to see the things that are now available to us.

So then. Jump.

Get out on the water and be confident. Don’t long for the safety that was that place you came from just because you knew the routine. Following Jesus will be uncomfortable. Sometimes you will be called to crazy things, like trusting what He said was coming even when you can’t see the money or you can’t see the job or you can’t see the friends. It’s coming. Trust His Word more than what you see.

Matthew 5 (last thought…maybe) says blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs in the Kingdom of Heaven. I picture the poor in spirit like one of the beggars I see so often on the streets of Lima or at the stoplights in Johannesburg. They are sitting on the sidewalk with a little cup or can begging for money. If someone doesn’t put money in, that beggar doesn’t eat that day. If no one stops, hope is gone. That’s poor in spirit. We’re the beggar on the street. Lift that cup up to God and say, “God, if you don’t put something in, I cannot eat today.” We need him to live and move and have our being. We breathe in Him. We excel in Him. We take humility in Him. This picture of a beggar isn’t because we don’t already have all we need, it’s because a position of humility keeps us in appropriate faith to know we’re dependent on Him, therefore, to not stray away. “Our eyes look to you like the eyes of a slave to the master (Psalm 123).” We’re that dependent on Him. But even better, he no longer calls us slaves, but sons. Slaves rely on their master. Sons rely on the father. The difference is the master’s DNA isn’t in the slave. The Father’s DNA is in the son. So we are dependent on Him, but at the same time, He has given us authority from the Father to act on earth and carry out His plan. With that authority, comes the resources we need…the ability to walk on the water if you will.

When we speak, He will move because he honors the authority of His son, given by the Father.

What a cool relationship! Dependence but independence. A mutual trust. If He would entrust His very dna, who He is, to vessels like us (jars of clay), how much more can we trust Him to provide on the daily.

Don’t sink today. Do not give up. Just hold on. He’s already on His way (prodigal son scripture, Daniel).

Last step: Make this faith a habit.

I guarantee, if you ask Jesus to call you out on the water. That might look like this in our day, “God, please use me to do something great.” Or “God, my life is yours, do what you want.”

That’s asking Him to call you out on the water. Do not be surprised after you pray those prayers when you find yourself surrounded by waves. You’ll feel a rush of excitement and wonder saying, “Wow, I prayed and God did it! He brought me out here!”

When the excitement fades just slightly, worry will want to creep it. It will say, “It’s a bit dark here.” “How long do you think this will hold you up?” “How long do you think this will last?”

Your faith will require some longevity. No matter how it looks, keep on walking. You’re already out there, do not turn back to the boat. Do not long to be back in your Egypt. Things are different here out of the boat or in between two giant walls of water… and it’s ok. God is the great leader of our lives. He will direct your steps. You need only keep your eyes on Him instead of your surroundings. If you can make it a habit, He’ll keep you walking “miraculously.”

When the Israelites left Egypt, before the waters parted they say the Egyptians coming after them. They began to fear and complain. “Moses answered the people, ‘Do not be afraid. Stand Firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today, you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.’” Then God said, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on!” (Exodus 14)

I love that part. I think for some of us today who are praying and praying for provision of whatever kind, God might say to you today, “Why are you crying out, MOVE on!” And when you move, He’ll surely be there to back you.

Share this with someone who needs to be reminded of faith today and then listen to this song.

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