I guess it’s my only update on the internet so being the “best” was a shoo-in (shoe-in?).

Bullet Point Guide to What is Happening in the Life of Keith. It’ll take you 5 minutes. Go!


  • Sometimes I feel insecure that people may think I’m crazy going to all these different countries, but Paul said “follow me as I follow Christ” or something of that sort and he did lots of missionary journeys. It’s all leading to something strategic. I can see in my spirit.
  • I can’t believe how much I’ve learned from Rich and Michelle (the founders of Impact Africa), from the other staff and interns, and just from being in the squatter camps this summer. So thankful that God brought me here.
  • I miss Peru SO MUCH and ideas for reaching the lost and hurting are like chained, ravenous dogs in my heart trying to get out. Soon enough they will. But for now, I’m fully engaged in South Africa!
  • The verse from when Jesus sent out the 12 and the 72 is haunting me where he said something like (warning: Keith version), “When you go, don’t take a bag or purse or extra clothes.”
  • The sea only parted when the priests of Israel took a step into the water. FAITH.
  • I still don’t consider myself a missionary. And wonder if/when/how God brings other dreams back around. But I’m also really excited to reach people.
  • I don’t know how long I’ll be in Peru. But I know God has international ministry para mi.
  • I feel crazy for going to Thailand. I’m trusting God for funds for it. But I feel so, so, so strongly that He said go. So I shall. (See schedule below).
  • I hope my experiences and posts on Facebook inspire people to reach out and don’t make them envious. GO, You can! One of my biggest goals to connect worlds…People in North America or first world lands (any land really) to the world. Hence…findtheworld.org.
    • Actually if you are itching to go, I can set up a trip for you to Peru or Africa!
  • Today was the first time I had a quiet time/devotions this week…to my shame. One must read the map to know where they are going.
  • Picture break:



  • If I drove in America how I drove here, I’d get in a wreck. If I drove here how I drive in America, I’d get in a wreck.
  • Any donations are welcome.  Click here to donate.  I literally take a step back from my tablet and am overcome with gratitude each time someone contributes to the minister the Lord has given me.
  • I secretly check my email every five seconds after sending support letters. “Calm down my soul.”
  • I’m leading a trip for our interns to Zimbabwe tomorrow. We’ll visit an orphanage (most excited about that!) and minister our guts out to people who need hope.
  • Some of my brain space goes to thinking about all the atrocities that happen here on a daily basis. I’ve seen people lying dead on the street or with blood streaming down the road from his body, babies are abandoned or aborted extremely late in pregnancy on the regular. Amidst all that, babies are being rescued and the Gospel of Peace is being preached and received (impactafrica.org).
  • I’m filled with a lot of joy right now. There’s a slice of uncertainty in my future…but it’s well (with my soul). And also I have a picture of where this is going. Thank you, God, for not leaving us in the dark. Obviously don’t know everything, but holding on as He leads.
  • CHRISTMAS FOR THE ORPHANS IS COMING! Go like the Facebook page! Really excited to bless these kids in an even bigger way this year.


  • Here’s my tentative schedule:
    • Now-Sep 22: Continue to minister in Africa
    • Sep. 22-October 13: Thailand learning about reaching people who have never had a chance to hear the Gospel. Not even one opportunity! This is learning I can apply in Peru since there are 9 unreached people groups including completely uncontacted tribes.
    • October 13-20: Debrief in South Africa (it’s much cheaper to get to Asia from here)
    • October 20-November 4: back to the U.S. to be with family
    • November 5-25: Return to Peru. Find a new apartment. Set up things for Christmas for the orphans. Book plane ticket on miles.
    • November 26-Dec 25: home for the Holidays, visiting friends and family, fundraising, speaking at churches!
    • Dec 26: Return to Peru…indefinitely. We’ll see what God does. I don’t know how long I’ll be there, but I’m open to the journey.


Wow, that was nice to get all those thoughts out. Thanks for listening. 🙂


Petting a baby hippo! I promise I actually talk and pray with people here in Africa. Not just meeting animals.


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