F(l)ire in the bush!

I feel like this last week I’ve had some growing pains here in Peru, finding exactly what life and ministry looks like now that I’ve got my eyes set on a mission more than just living life in my favorite place. The Lord just keeps putting things in order though  in just the right time.  Recently, I have been asking God for a church to really plug into and a community to be a part of. I have gone to a church that has an English service but couldn’t seem to find my spot in the Lima church scene.

One evening I was walking along the coast praying for community. This particular part of the coast is absolutely beautiful. There are awesome parks with super green grass and great landscaping. I was walking next to a row of bushes and…

I saw something in the bush! IT WAS ON FIRE!

Not really, that would be dangerous. The bush had a flyer in it. Flyer sort of sounds like fire. Ahem. Anyway, seeing a flyer is a dime a dozen here. They are everywhere and I never stop or wonder what they say. This time I stopped and noticed it had English on it. It was a little flyer for a church. I thought, “That’s interesting; I was just praying about this. I’ll try it out.” I told you the Lord spoke to me in a bush.

The next Sunday I went to find this burning bush church. I was actually kind of nervous when I was walking up to the church. I was praying that the Lord would let it go ok. How weird to be nervous going to a new church? I should be an old Christian pro churchgoer.
Can I tell you that this place was definitely an answer to prayer? I know I’ve only been once so I am a little hesitant to post such excitement, but there’s no denying the Lord brought me to this place.

The people were incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so welcome in a place. Before service someone took me around introducing me to people and introduced me to one of the pastors who is an American missionary in Peru. The other pastor is from Venezuela. The pastor sat me down next to him so we could chat. He and his wife asked such great “get to know you” questions. Worship was absolutely incredible and so genuine. Another man from Venezuela preached. He spoke on Luke 19 which has stuck with me all week. I keep going back to it. The church is extremely missions focused as a handful of the members are full time missionaries here. They have a lot of ministry programs like feeding poor kids. There are a lot of ways to join in the ministry they have going on.

I truly can’t remember a time where I was excited for next Sunday because I get to go to church. I have found myself every day this week excited for next Sunday.

I haven’t really been able to express/share my excitement about this. I couldn’t quite find the words but a friend encouraged me along. It is such an example and witness of how personal Our God is. He remembers us daily. He walks with us daily. Such a Great and Mighty being but also Gentle and Humble in heart. He cares for details in our lives. How Incredibly Gracious He is.

I hope this post encourages you that whatever season you’re in, there’s a real God who is close to you today. Acts 17 lets us know that He puts people in specific places at certain times that we may reach out and touch Him, even though He is not far away from each one of us. So relax. Breathe out. Rely on Him.

Ok, so maybe God didn’t speak in a fire in the bush near the coast out loud, but He definitely dropped an answer to prayer right into it!


  1.  I am currently raising support. If you’d like to give a one-time gift or each month, you can do so by clicking here.
  2. I had a meeting on Tuesday with the orphanage director, Doris. I told her I had no money but wanted to know their needs. She mentioned they always need milk. They don’t really have funds for it but the growing kiddos need their milk. If you’re interested in helping with that need, send me a note to keithqsmith@gmail.com or message me on Facebook. Maybe someone out there is interested in providing milk for them each month for the next 6 months.
  3. We’re visiting a second orphanage Friday with a delivery of underoos which was apparently their biggest need.
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  5. People are beginning to JOIN. You have an opportunity to come to Peru.
  6. For your entertainment…this old lady dancing. She’s awesome, no fear of man. Do yo’ dance.


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