“I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.” Isaiah 48: 17

1. Had a great time at Pachacutec last week taking a special breakfast to the orphans and daycare kids and a few clothing items.

2. Tuesday I’m going back to the Callao ( Ki-yow) orphanage to work on repairing some of their beds (good thing I had to assemble beds at Teen Mania haha).  Also might be helping to teach Awana curriculum that they are receiving!

3. Learning lots personally. I know this season is so necessary in where the Lord is taking me. It looks mucho different than I expected. I thought I’d be so busy I could hardly breathe with ministry. That’s what I’ve known in ministry. For the last month it’s turned out to be a couple opportunities each week. I wish I could explain well though how much I feel the Lord in it all, building for the future and fulfilling His purpose in my heart.

4. Blessing #1: I have needed to have some cavities taken care of. I was praying one day for funds to do that because I can’t take the pain of a Peruvian root canal again haha. Well, I was speaking with a friend just after praying about my teeth and randomly she offered to pay. Had one filling taken care of on Thursday. Sometimes blessing are painful! Thanks, friend! Praise God for provision! I can’t stand going to the dentist (aka, the Peruvian torture chamber). I am a complete chicken when it comes to this stuff. The long needle goes in and I can feel the stress and anxiety in my entire body. Head back for more next week…

5. Blessing #2: a couple days later I was thinking I sure would love a bike. Again, just chatting with a friend and now I have a bike. Thanks, friend! Praise God for provision!

6. I appreciate your prayers for me in this season living the dream in Peru as well as praying about the next season!


Such a blessing!

breakfast at pachacutec

A few orphan friends at breakfast

Here is a video I took from the window of the bus coming back from Pachacutec (thus the bumpiness). Just wanted to show everyone the area where this orphanage is.

I’m looking forward to the next few months working with the two orphanages and hopefully beggars and other “forgottens” as well.

The cost of living in Peru is super low! It only takes about $400/month to live. So far I’ve had just over $600 donated between January and February. Super thankful for that! A HUGE thank you to anyone who has given!!

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