Dear Friends,

This Christmas will be my first Christmas away from home.

I’m in a totally different environment for Jesus’ birthday and  the busiest shopping time of the year. You don’t walk around hearing Jingle Bells or Oh, Holy Night. No need for a scarf at Christmastime here because it’s actually turning to summer. It doesn’t “feel” very much like Christmas.

There are different traditions than we have in the U.S. On Christmas Eve, for example, the whole family stays up until midnight and eats a special Christmas dinner then. (Que? This will be interesting).

When I came to Peru, I expected I’d probably be home for Christmas. But, the Lord’s starting to do lots of “unexpected” things. I’m just trying to listen and keep up!!

I mentioned in a recent post I didn’t necessarily come to be a missionary, but I did come open (well, fighting with myself to be open and asking God for grace to be open is probably more accurate) to what the Lord wanted to do.

I feel like He wants to pour out his love on a group of people I’ve run into in my time here in Lima.

THIS is the perfect time of the year to bless people and point them to Him!

I’d like to ask for some help in making this Christmas a big deal to some awesome people this year.   You be the hands there, I’ll be the hands here and we’ll pass on blessing to someone else this season. This could be the best Christmas…ever.


 As I keep praying and thinking about presenting this opportunity to my friends, I know there are TONS of ways to give during this holiday season. If you have a place you already plan to give, please don’t replace that initiative with this one. Consider doing this in addition. I’m sure the Lord will speak clearly to you about what to do and how to give this year. There’s no pressure here! I am so confident God is going to provide this year for His precious kids and families in Lima. I appreciate your willingness to pray and participate. God is doing something great.

I just want to say a HUGE thank you. You know, I’ve been so incredibly blessed by the vocal support everyone has given me on this move to Peru.  I’m humbled to be able to be here in this season. God is such a Provider and He’s so gracious. Thank you so much for your support.

I look forward to hearing from you guys. I pray that you will be blessed in this season!  May this Christmas be the greatest Christmas that you’ve ever experienced.



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