Well, I’m leaving Peru.

When I first came to Peru, it was just for four months….to relax. Then I felt more and more of a burden for this place and my love for Peru grew and grew. In the last several months I got to make some great friends, spent quality time with family, spend quality time with God, get healthy, and serve some awesome little kiddos! We got to put on a Christmas for kids that don’t have much at all. I got to teach some life lessons to 4 year olds and a special 10 year old friend. It has been an absolutely incredible time!
So what’s going on?
For the next three months I’ll be in Johannesburg, South Africa!! Unlike my Colombia excursion, this isn’t a last minute decision. It’s been in the works for five or six months now. I’ll be working with Impact Africa, leading their summer internship. (www.impactafrica.org).

As I say goodbye (for now) to incredible friends, awesome orphans and my family, I feel such a peace. I don’t know how many times over the last month I’ve teared up thinking about leaving this place that I love (didn’t plan to share that, oh well). I have loved Peru for a long time and now I love it even more.

It’s so hard to leave Peru. Just a few days ago I was telling a friend, I really hope that I heard God correctly and I’m not messing up. The Lord has given me such a peace that He’s directing my steps and I can have confidence that my times are in His hands. I am so excited to be able to minister in the squatter camps in Johannesburg for the next three months and see many realize the Life that is Jesus Christ! Though I’m transferring locations for a while, this isn’t a season ending. It’s only just begun. 🙂

I’ve been involved in missions for a long time on short term trips. I really never thought that I would go longer term myself. When I was in the jungle a few weeks ago, on a boat down the Amazon for days, and I saw village after village after village with such great need, I knew the Lord was speaking to me to do something. I felt Him calling me here longer term to share His love with these awesome people. I wrestled a lot with God about this because it’s different than the plan I had in my head. I think He knows what He’s doing though. So in this (really exciting) season of my life, I’m just trying to yield and go when and where He says (to) go.

So, I’ll be in Africa until the beginning of September, then back to the states to do a bit of fundraising and visiting friends and family. After that, I’ll return to Peru, get things in order, and jump into serving those in need.

I really covet your prayers! I want to say a HUGE thank you for all of your vocal and financial support. It means so much to have people who are with me!!

In other great news! A team from the states is coming here in July to minister. I’ve been setting up the logistics and ministry for them and can’t wait to see what God has in store for this group!

In even more exciting news, if you are interested in donating, you can click here.



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