Here are some pics from today’s Christmas celebration with the Pachacutec kids!!

We had a lot of fun being able to shower some love on these awesome kids. This is probably the only time they really get much of anything during the year. We’ll be back in January to host a little follow up party for them and share the Gospel. Remember, these are orphans and kids who attend the daycare. A lot of them do have families that El Refugio is reaching out to on a consistent basis.

There are a few pictures thrown in from the area surrounding the orphanage so you can see what it looks like.

I just want to say Thank You to everyone who helped out with this. I really should be in bed right now, my plane for Panama leaves in 6 hours. But I couldn’t just post the pictures and not give some thoughts as well! Within a few days of posting about this opportunity, you had already donated about $500. During a season when everyone has to buy gifts for friends and family, you guys sacrificed to make sure these children weren’t forgotten along the way. I sincerely appreciate your support and love for these ones that you don’t even know. That kind of action moves the world. This all started as just a thought (that God planted) and today it became reality just a few weeks later. So again, thank you so much!


I said, “Smile!” This is what I got.


Each kid got a “stocking” with a new toothbrush/toothpaste, a toy, socks, and a few other items.


This is Deysi (that’s Daisy in Spanish). As soon as I walked in she ran and jumped in my arms. It was hard to have her sit to get presents!


Tons of presents! The orphanage director got a surprise when her bank also donated a gift for each child.

IMGP0154 IMGP0161 IMGP0167 IMGP0168 IMGP0169 IMGP0170 IMGP0172 IMGP0173 IMGP0174 IMGP0176 IMGP0180 IMGP0182 IMGP0183 IMGP0184 IMGP0190 IMGP0193 IMGP0194 IMGP0196 IMGP0201 IMGP0205 IMGP0204 IMGP0203 IMGP0202 IMGP0206 IMGP0207 IMGP0208 IMGP0210 IMGP0211 IMGP0213 IMGP0216 IMGP0218 IMGP0224 IMGP0220 IMGP0219 IMGP0231 IMGP0165 IMGP0195 IMGP0188 IMGP0186 IMGP0199 IMGP0209 IMGP0198

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