Hello Friends!

I know you are all wondering how things are going for Christmas for the orphanage/daycare in Pachacutec, so here’s a little update!

We received over $600 in donations and a several suitcases worth of physical donations! THANK YOU to everyone who donated!!

Each kiddo is going to receive a toy or game, a stocking filled with toothbrush/toothpaste, socks, a small toy, and a snack. They’ll also either get a new shirt, shorts or shoes.

Also, we had another orphanage let us know they had a need for undies for their kiddos, so we’ll get to provide those kids (about 25) with what they need.

The director of the orphanage/daycare thought it’d be good for us to spread the love out a bit for the kids. So instead of a Christmas dinner, we’ll be having a little party for them in January. This will provide another touch point in the community and let the kids know they are loved not just at Christmas time!

I was in Pachacutec on Friday to visit with the kids. They are AWESOME! To be honest, this all became a bit overwhelming for me being that we launched the fundraising and idea just before Thanksgiving and I was in the states for two weeks. That didn’t provide much time to get everything ready. As we were driving to Pachacutec I was praying, “Lord, please don’t let this just be about gifts. Let them know they are loved by You.” I had all sorts of doubts and worries…had I gotten myself way in over my head? Could we really make a difference?

Someone had brought a coloring book and a couple pieces of candy to the kids for Christmas. They were so excited as they got that gift. I was sitting next to one little boy who was 8 or 9. I stood up to look at something and all the sudden he jumped up and gave me a huge hug. He was so excited just over this coloring book. I thought man if a 9 year old boy is excited about a coloring book and two pieces of candy, he really must not get much. The fears from earlier in the day subsided…we will actually be able to make an impact.

A little bit later there were some kids from the community who weren’t part of the daycare standing at the door looking in. They were covered head to toe in dirt and were looking in like they wanted to be a part. I went out to talk with them a little bit. Because of them, we’ll be taking several extra presents for any kids who just happen to wonder up to the building while we’re giving out presents.

This area is in need of love. Driving up to the orphanage it reminded me of the squatter camps in South Africa with one room houses made of wood and tin roofs. I’m excited we get to be a part of making Christmastime special for them. Thankful to be partnering with El Refugio. They are reaching out in great ways. They are bringing in dentists and other experts to help educate the moms on taking care of their kids properly. And in addition to the daycare/orphanage, they also run a soup kitchen in the area.

We’ll actually be doing the gift delivery the day after Christmas due to significant transportation challenges in Lima this week. I will make sure to take lots of pics!

Again, THANK you for your support.


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