Ministry’s on my heart but somehow I’m afraid I’ll get “stuck” here forever. Even though I love Peru.

Those words bring back a memory. I was serving as a dorm director in charge of leading one of the male dorms at Teen Mania’s Honor Academy.  On Christmas break, I had a thought come to me. I told someone (can’t remember who) that the current director of the call center was going to move to a different position then they’d need some help in GE, and I’d raise my hand. When I returned from Christmas break, it happened exactly that way. As I met with the COO about partially moving to GE, I told him that I didn’t want to “get stuck” in GE. I would help for a season and come back to the Honor Academy. Well I did get “stuck” and was in GE 4.5 more years! It was a good stuck; I LOVED mobilizing missionaries to go all over the world.

Now I’m here in Peru where people ask,”Now…what are you doing?”

I guess it’d be  polite to answer that question: what am I doing? Since so many people wish me well in my “ministry.”

Truth is:  I didn’t move to Peru to be a missionary.
At the same time,  I didn’t move to Peru to not be a missionary.

I moved to Peru because I felt it was the right step and felt I would get clarity on next steps.

And in a place like this… it’s just not possible to witness poverty, hurt, and true/real longing for God from these people and not do something, anything. God, make me useful!

I read this quote on  blog and I think it pretty well describes what is in my head.

“I am confident that God is leading us away from a place where we have given what we could… to a place of greater need. I guess I see it as this: Our cup was full as we started ministry (in Simi), and God allowed and enabled us to slowly be poured out on the people around us. It feels like a fruitful season (of 16 years Praise Jesus!) And now God has filled our cup again, with a different ministry, that we are to go… and slowly pour out on the people God entrusts to us next.”

I guess since I’m here… might as well dive in, even if I get stuck.

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